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Bean Bag Toss

By: Marcy Moser

This activity can be put together in ~ 10 minutes. Easily accommodates 2 to 4 people and can be played with more.


  • Painters Tape
  • Bean Bags (or anything small you can toss that won’t damage your walls or floors…soft toys, little stuffies etc.)
  • Optional: my son and I also like use toy cars, balls, plastic hockey pucks

What to do:

  1. Mark out a large triangle on your floor with painters tape.
  2. Divide up the big triangle into sections. You can create as many or as little sections as you see fit, depending on the age and ability of your kids.
  3. Assign different point values to each section. Usually, the more difficult the section to reach the higher the point value.
  4. Put down another piece of tape that will act as your starting line. Put this line as close or as far away as needed to suit your physical space and child’s ability.
  5. Take turns tossing the bean bags, trying to get them to land in the sections.


You can come up with your own “rules” to
suit the interests and abilities of your kids.
3 throws each, tally up the scores after each
round. Play until someone accumulates a
certain number of points.
This game can be played in a huge variety of
ways. If you keep changing up the game, it
will feel like a new game and might help
maintain their interest for longer.

Works on:

  • Hand/Eye coordination
  • Math Skills (number recognition,
    counting and adding)
  • Group Dynamic Skills
    (taking turns, waiting, social…)